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Feb 10, 2022

One Small Donation for Sustainable AI, But a Big Gesture for the Planet!

by Vooban

Digital transformation, Technology, Artificial intelligence

Our mission has always been to find innovative solutions to today’s problems to revolutionize tomorrow’s world. With this in mind, we have recently decided to donate $10,000 to AI for Good, a non-profit organization that focuses on the development and implementation of artificial intelligence in the service of sustainable development and environmental protection.

Since 2014, AI for Good has carried out many cutting-edge projects. Notably, they have helped cities plan the development of a sustainable technological infrastructure. Moreover, they award annual scholarships to students across the world in order to teach them how to use artificial intelligence responsibly.

But what do we mean by artificial intelligence and sustainable development?

The secret of a greener future is linked to new technologies, and several studies have already shown the many virtues of AI when it comes to tackle environmental and societal issues. For example, artificial intelligence could lead to a 4% reduction of greenhouse gas emission (GHG) by 2030, and it is currently being used to decrease food waste by 33% in some supermarkets.

That’s why we firmly believe that it’s our duty to join the cause of sustainable AI and to use our resources and expertise to become an engine of change. Global warming, pollution and overconsumption are ever-preoccupying problems and have become an integral part of today’s business world, whether we want it or not.

This donation to AI for Good represents our first definite action in that regard, but certainly not the last! Vooban is committed to giving back to the cause of sustainable AI for the years to come.

Projects that have made a difference for the environment and for Quebec's companies.

Moreover, we have already launched several projects that have made a difference for the environment and for Quebec’s companies. With Patates Dolbec, we have implemented an AI model to optimize their quality control process, which allows them to sort and classify potatoes with incredible precision. Before, their system only had an 80% accuracy rate and resulted in a significant loss of healthy potatoes. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this percentage has now reached 95%, which avoids the waste of nearly 500,000 pounds of potatoes per year.
We have also worked with Flyscan, a Quebec-based company that specializes in the aerial visual inspection of pipelines. If you didn’t know already, threat detection on pipelines is currently done by pilots, who must fly over hundreds of kilometres while inspecting the infrastructure for potential dangers. Our application helps them detect, identify, and report potential dangers that the human brain and eyes can’t efficiently process, thus avoiding the often-devastating consequences of oil spills.
This is only a glimpse of all the innovation and progress we’re currently working on. With this donation, we are proud to be part of a new chapter, with the hopes that this initiative can pave the way for a better future.