Software development is more than just Vooban’s core business. It is what drives and inspires everyone who works with us!

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Custom software development

Developing a custom app or software is very much an art. To satisfy your standards for development, it takes a team with a wide range of skills that is perfectly aligned with your organization’s business goals. Anything less would be certain to miss the mark. At Vooban, we have built specialized expertise in development projects of all sizes in all kinds of fields.

Why choose custom software development?

  • If properly developed, you gain a major competitive advantage!
  • It gives you complete freedom over your choice of technology and programming language and in how you want to integrate new technologies into your system.
  • You have total control over your maintenance and upgrade costs.

At Vooban, we take your wildest ideas and concepts and turn them into features and apps that complement your existing systems. Not only do we support you with developing your ideas and making them a reality, and with using AI and the internet of things in your projects, but we also contribute at the ideation stage and help expand on your innovation projects.


Times have changed when it comes to enterprise resource planning software. The single ERP system that claims to do it all, takes at least three years to properly install and costs you a small fortune in licence fees has for several years now been in competition with a multi-system philosophy. This approach is designed to help you choose the right software package for each of your organization’s functions without radically altering your processes. It lets you link your software together and develop custom systems so that you can finally find the right match for your processes.

Installing business management software usually means having to contort your internal processes to fit, even though these processes may constitute your unique competitive advantage. That’s why Vooban helps you develop a fully customized system for your organization, right down to the minutest details!

Close collaboration with our clients' teams is key for us when developing major systems. We take an iterative approach to rolling out modules and features, which ensures that we adhere to your company’s methods and processes. We develop systems that are not only in total alignment with our clients’ processes but that also help to integrate any and all technology and innovation that can be used to stay ahead of the competition.


Developers, designers and architects ready to help you bring your project to life.


Nearly 10 years of experience in software development.


Mobile apps

There is a strong trend of companies using mobile apps as much as possible for all sorts of features.

Your employees have their cellphone on them at all times, so why not leverage this access to communicate with them?

Mobiles apps have been part of our lives for several years now. We have even become dependent on them for many tasks, transactions and activities, and for accessing certain information.

Corporate mobile apps have followed the same path, only a few years behind. Today, organizations view mobile technology in a completely different way, seeing it as a tool for limitless communication with clients, suppliers and employees!

Mobile apps have the power to really make your business stand out. Our team is here to help you find the right idea to make your organization more efficient, such as a mobile app to:

  • Track an employee’s location on the worksite in order to automatically assign them tasks
  • Provide your sales team with real-time product pricing and availability
  • Simulate the real world with your product inside an augmented reality and simultaneously submit a quote

Smartphones today are truly pocket-sized computers. We can help you make headway on your wildest ideas by turning them mobile and customizing them for your business!

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Whether you’re in the initial phases of your digital transformation or are ready to deploy cutting-edge technology to take your company to new heights, we're here to help.

Treat innovation as more than just a fling with technology

One of the biggest pitfalls out there is letting yourself be seduced by a new technology and implementing it without having clearly defined the objective you’re pursuing.