Want to implement an AI project? At Vooban, our experts can go toe to toe with the very best and are here to support you every step of the way!

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Artificial intelligence as a driver of growth

Our machine learning and deep learning experts support you throughout your project, helping you prepare data, identify variables to make the algorithm a success and develop a plan to train and retrain your AI model!

Working both upstream and downstream from the AI team, our team of architects builds your database and systems infrastructure to ensure that your artificial intelligence solution is deployed in your technology ecosystem in the best way possible.

Have you always dreamed of:

  • Automating your plant’s quality assurance?
  • Creating paperless departments where operations and information move from one department to another without human intervention?
  • Optimizing all of your operations and production in real time?
  • Having a tool to forecast sales and market trends?


Businesses that say AI will enable them to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage.

Executives who say AI will make their job easier and more efficient.


A process that can be measured in weeks!

To speed up the integration of AI into your processes and systems as much as possible, we developed a simple and incremental approach that helps you manage the technological risk every step of the way to make sure your project hits its mark.

1- Laying the groundwork!

We’ll go through your available data with you, set clear objectives for your projects and identify success factors. We want to find out as quickly as possible if the project is viable, realistic and properly aligned with the organization’s business objectives.

2- Tech test!

Together we’ll test the data you have at hand for quality and relevance. We’ll try to eliminate as much risk as possible from your project and ensure from the start that there is a sufficient relationship between the available data and the expected outcomes.


3- Does the plane have a pilot?

This is, in a sense, the first flight test, which could steer the project in a different direction or launch it forward to become even more powerful! We want to confirm that our hypotheses and assumptions still hold water and make sure we will achieve the project objectives.

4- Application and rollout!

This is the step everyone’s anxious to get to, where you’ll start to see real impacts and effects on your processes and operations. From this point on, your algorithms will only improve over time, almost like magic.

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Whether you’re in the initial phases of your digital transformation or are ready to deploy cutting-edge technology, we're here to help!

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