Technological innovation should be the result of an organized ideation process, so that you don’t fall for some passing tech fad!

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With our strong innovation experience, we developed and tested a support process, and came up with two options for you to choose from (see below).

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  • The expertise of a seasoned multidisciplinary team to develop your innovation and digital transformation road map
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Innovative sprint

Problem framing is an approach involving three main steps. The first step is to identify where you want to go in terms of innovation and/or desired change. Apart from the destination, it is essential to list the elements that can help the organization reach its objective as well as the roadblocks it is facing.

Following the first step, the problems identified must be categorized according to their perceived level of complexity. This step quickly leads to the identification of problems that may be either very costly to resolve or unsolvable as well as those that probably should have been solved a long time ago. 

The third and final step is to properly prioritize and classify the projects that will be considered for the project shaping stage.

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Project blueprint

Once the projects have been clearly identified and prioritized, it is time to carefully frame each one of them, explore their gray areas, resolve any uncertainties, and validate the feasibility of all their aspects. This is precisely the objective pursued by a project-shaping approach—provide an accurate analysis of the technological infrastructure in place and the necessary adjustments to be made.

At the end of the process, the analysis also makes it possible to estimate the implementation costs and the amount of work to be carried out by your internal teams. This allows us to identify and measure the project’s cost savings and benefits to justify the investment using the good old ROI method.

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