Technological innovation should be the result of an organized ideation process, so that you don’t fall for some passing tech fad!

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With our strong innovation experience, we developed and tested a support process, and came up with four options for you to choose from (see below).

But first, why choose Vooban?

  • The expertise of a seasoned multidisciplinary team to develop your innovation and digital transformation road map
  • The chance to put your vision and ideas to the test
  • Personalized support tailored to your situation and the degree of progress made on your digital transformation

Digital lab

Want to kick off or continue your digital transformation, but don’t know where to start or what project to prioritize? That’s precisely why we developed the digital lab! For one and a half hours, two experts will challenge you and help you determine which digital transformation projects are realistic and actionable for your business. It’s a great starting point for identifying which processes should be optimized first.

By the time you leave a digital lab, you should have:

  • Identified the first quick wins of your digital transformation
  • Planned the next steps toward an innovation roadmap
  • Taken an inventory of the most promising technology in your organization


The goal of a boot camp is very different from the traditional consultation approach. For three to four hours at most, we will work on a short exercise, the main objective of which is to kick off your transformation initiative. This is the spark that will light the fire of your digital transformation process and clear a path for future progress.

By the time you leave a boot camp, you should have:

  • Defined clear objectives
  • Identified your organization’s pain points
  • Determined where you are making and losing money
  • Established an initial list of concrete and actionable short-term projects

Innovation sprint

Figuring out which projects to prioritize when undergoing digital transformation can easily become a real headache for companies. To simplify this process, we’ve developed a customized approach that we call “Innovation Sprint,” which combines the Problem Framing and Design Sprint methods. In only five to ten days, this very flexible approach focuses on identifying the next crucial steps to take to reach the targeted level of performance for your organization.

Problem Framing

Problem Framing is a creative approach that aims to pinpoint which issues to address and how to achieve the biggest gains for your company at the very beginning of a digital transformation. This approach is used to quickly prioritize the most promising projects and prevent companies from investing in the resolution of the wrong problem, which would lead to poor technological results.

Following Problem Framing, the Design Sprint method is the next step to take to bring out the most innovative and easy-to-implement solutions.



Design sprint

The design sprint is a well-known method for accelerated product and app development that was largely popularized by Google. It’s a technique that is highly successful when it comes to rapid innovation, and it lets you reassess your digital transformation process methods.

Why should you choose the design sprint?

  • To determine the right product for the right client, all directly aligned with your business objectives
  • To put together a road map for developing products, solutions and services that are consistent with your organization’s innovation approach
  • To ensure your risks are calculated and to measure return on investment

We are faithful to the design sprint approach without being rigid, following each of the steps to the letter in order to highlight the best possible solution to the objectives identified at the start of the process.




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