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Apr 04, 2023

A Project Blueprint, How does it work?

by Vooban

Digital transformation

A Project Blueprint is a crucial step in any digital transformation, which ensures that your project is realistic, but above all achievable in the long term. We want to make sure that there are no risks concerning the technical, technological and financial aspects of your project in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the end. To do this, we will define your project in depth through targeted workshops that will include your company's key players.

Over a few weeks, Vooban will accompany you in the realization of these workshops in order to set up a detailed plan for your project, including a schedule, a budget and a calculation of the ROI.

When a project has been correctly identified and prioritized within your company (usually following an Innovation Sprint exercise), you must be able to define its feasibility and its gray areas to ensure its success. From the outset, you need to pinpoint and then minimize the risks of the selected project by understanding your technological infrastructure, looking at your business data and mapping your internal processes.

We often start with a ‘kickoff’, which is a first meeting to take stock of your situation. During the kickoff, we will present our approach as well as the people who will be needed for the workshops, in addition to planning the next meetings.





A Project Blueprint will mainly call on the technical experts (also called Subject Matter Experts or SMEs) present in your company. They will participate in the workshops and show our team the specificities of your industry, the internal processes and the reality of your company. They will also be asked to intervene at different stages of the project to provide their expertise and knowledge.

Overall, the Project Blueprint stage aims to make a precise analysis of the technological infrastructure in place and the necessary adjustments to the projects. The exercise also makes it possible to estimate the production costs and the efforts required from your internal teams.

If necessary, Vooban can also help you apply to the various grant programs (Invest-AI, Scale AI, etc.) and will help you complete the necessary applications.

Here’s an overview of the three different stages of a Project Blueprint:

01. Kickoff:
First meeting between our company and yours to take stock of the selected project.

During the kickoff, we will:

  • Analyze the technological infrastructure in place
  • Map your data and current architecture
  • Visualize the desired end result

02. Targeted Workshops:
Minimum of 4 2-hour workshops. Of course, the length of a Project Blueprint will be strongly influenced by the length of the selected project and the complexity of your system in place. For example, web or mobile apps will not require the same effort or the same organization as an artificial intelligence project.

03. The workshops will be used to:

  • Understand your needs
  • Define your ecosystem
  • Validate risks or underline technical issues

Detailed Solution Overview:
At the end of the workshops, you should have a global vision of the scope of your project as well as all the documentation necessary to set it up. Your team will be properly equipped to take its first steps.

We’ll give you:

  • A summary of the selected project
  • An estimate of the budget allowance
  • A list of technologies considered for the project
  • An implementation schedule
  • The expertise expected from your teams
  • An approximate calculation of the ROI

Intéressé à faire un Plan de projet?

Quels sont les processus pour ma transformation digitale, quels sont risques, combien ça coûte et comment sensibiliser mon équipe à l'interne? Toutes des questions auxquelles nous répondrons avec un Plan de projet!