The cloud has been around for a while now, yet its power is still too often misunderstood. Make sure you don’t miss the boat!

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Let us demystify the cloud for you

The cloud may very well be THE solution for leveraging the full potential of your data, and the option that will save you the most money to boot! Be careful, however: when it comes to cloud computing, winging it just won’t cut it. And despite all its power, this technology is rife with complexities that require an experienced hand—this is where Vooban enters the picture.

Cloud services offered on demand by providers have exploded in recent years. As an AWS Select Partner with Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) experts, we help our clients choose the right platform for their development and help them choose the right partner according to their reality.

Why migrate to the cloud?

  • You can access all of your systems and data, anywhere, anytime!
  • Your cloud infrastructure hosting costs are low, since you only pay for what you use.
  • You’re protected by an army of security specialists whose mission is to keep your data safe from harm.

No matter where your data comes from, the technologies that create it, or the databases it is stored on, our teams are there to advise you on the right way to see your data’s full value!


Percentage of IT professionals say that the cloud is safer than their own data centres


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