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Dec 22, 2023

A Christmas That Will Dazzle Your Guests, Courtesy of Generative AI

by Vooban

Artificial intelligence

The holiday season is often synonymous with tradition. Out of habit, we plan the same parties at the same places, play the same games and eat the same old turkey that our grandmother was already cooking in 1952.

But do you know what? It is possible to shake things up and survive. Once you've innovated, you'll never want to return to how things were. At Vooban, we thought we'd help you plan an unforgettable Christmas celebration to create unique and lasting memories for all your guests!

Well, we didn't want to turn everything upside down either: the basics of the Christmas Eve festivities remain pretty much the same. Family and friends gather to play, eat and exchange gifts.

To tackle these famous traditions, we strongly advise you to arm yourself with cutting-edge technology: generative artificial intelligence. Allow us to elaborate.

The menu

Let's start with the heart of the matter: the dinner. Imagine that you have twelve guests coming over, and you want to put together a five-course menu that's reminiscent of Christmas traditions (you don't want to give anyone a heart attack) but with some original recipes. How do you proceed?

Is your reflex to type Ricardo into the search bar? Oops, two hours have gone by. Are you raiding the holiday recipe magazine stand at the local Provigo? The day's just flown by!

You're definitely making life difficult for yourself. Let's see what our favourite GPT comes up with when asked for a five-course menu reminiscent of Christmas traditions but with original recipes.

"Remember to create a warm atmosphere with festive table decorations and add your personal touch to every dish. Merry Christmas!"

This incredible menu was put together in less than ten seconds, and we were also given a few helpful tips on how to welcome our guests. I don't know about you, but we're more than satisfied with the outcome! But GPT continues beyond there. He'll be able to provide you with all the recipes, give you a cooking schedule to ensure everything is prepared on time, and even generate a grocery list based on the number of people attending your dinner! No more last-minute trips to the grocery store on December 24 before it closes!


Scrabble as we know it today was initially patented in 1948 and has stayed the same since! In fact, no significant modifications have been made. "Arrive in town!" we want to tell him! Playing the same way as in the last century is no longer an option.

Vooban thought it was time to shake up the letters on the board a bit to help Scrabble modernize and keep pace with the evolution of technology. So, just for you, we've created new rules for this famous game: using artificial intelligence to optimize your seven letters is allowed!


Take a picture of the game board, send it to ChatGPT (or your favourite generative AI) along with the list of letters you hold, and voila, you're ready to maximize your points, say goodbye to boring two-letter words and expand your vocabulary with tons of words you've never heard of.

We bet your Scrabble games will be more splendid than ever, and you'll learn many new words! Get ready to go to bed a little less clueless, thanks to Vooban's version of Scrabble!

Christmas Eve

If you're just discovering the possibilities of generative AI, you'll never want to go back. We guarantee you'll ask your GPT to plan a whole evening for you: dancing, mimes, karaoke, and games; you won't be disappointed!

Vooban wishes you a joyful holiday season, whether you're surrounded by loved ones or pets! We are returning strong in 2024 with various innovative projects and a very colourful year!