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Mar 12, 2024

Vooban pursues its growth with the acquisition of Stratéjia

by Vooban

Artificial intelligence

Quebec City, March 13, 2024 – Vooban, Quebec's leader in artificial intelligence, is proud to announce the acquisition of Stratéjia, a renowned company in the Business Intelligence industry.

With over ten years of experience each, these two companies have combined their expertise to support customers in various industries on their digital transformation journey. "We wanted to increase our expertise in data management and analysis, as this is an essential step in implementing an artificial intelligence (AI) project. We're now capable of guiding customers from the development of their digital transformation strategy, through the establishment of their data structure, right up to the implementation of AI in their operational processes", explains Kevin Moore, Vooban's CEO.

Jean-Sébastien Darveau, president of Stratéjia, Kevin Moore, president of Vooban, Pascal Girard, VP of digital solutions at Stratéjia, Hugo Lachambre, VP of growth and development at Stratéjia, Hugues Foltz, executive VP of Vooban.

For Vooban, this transaction also represents a significant first step in realizing its growth plan, announced after a CDPQ investment in September 2023.

With this acquisition, Vooban increased its workforce by almost 50%, rising from 130 to 190 employees. "Not only have we just enhanced our digital transformation service by offering our customers the opportunity to collect and use their data before starting an AI project, but we've also just built a robust team that provides us with the necessary means to expand our reach to the Ontario market," says Hugues Foltz, Executive Vice President of Vooban.

For Stratéjia, this alliance represents an opportunity to reach the next level. "We wanted to keep growing and allow our talented employees to work on large-scale projects with a company that shares our values and vision. We also wanted to drive our customers' projects towards AI. That's why we selected Vooban as the ideal strategic partner to help us achieve our goals," adds Jean-Sébastien Darveau, CEO of Stratéjia.

In the same breath as the transaction, Vooban is also creating a new subsidiary called Endorphine, an integrated online management and reservation solution focused on outdoor events or activities. This solution was previously operated directly under the Stratéjia brand. The Endorphine solution is a must-have in the outdoor industry and is implemented in over 115 stations in Quebec.

About Vooban

A leader in Quebec and a national figurehead in applied artificial intelligence, Vooban guides companies in designing and implementing AI projects that accelerate their digital transformation. With the mission of fostering organizational innovation, Vooban uses artificial intelligence, data, and IoT to develop high-impact solutions. These solutions enable companies to increase their productivity and achieve sustained growth. 

About Stratéjia

Stratéjia is a Quebec City-based firm that specializes in business intelligence. The company promotes innovation by guiding ambitious companies from various industries in implementing analytical ecosystems to support their business decisions. For over 14 years, Stratéjia has supported its customers in harnessing their data's value and digital transformation with innovative and customized technological solutions designed to accelerate their growth.