Our culture

Our culture

Our culture

Vooban is more than just a job; it’s a life experience, where every tiny moment is epic and everyone is part of a close‑knit family.

At Vooban, we’re looking for friendly, funny, passionate people. If you join our team, consider yourself special: it means we trust you and know you can achieve great things. We know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true! And because we really care about you, we make sure we provide a stimulating workplace where you can outdo yourself.

Our culture, our trademark

The Vooban vibe is what keeps us together, what guides us and, most importantly, what we collectively share every day.

It’s coloured by a casual atmosphere where barely anyone is ranked above the others. Our teams are self-managed, meaning that they have their own road maps and decide which paths to take to reach their goals.

Our vibe is also rooted in the kinds of projects we carry out. We wish to feed our crew with challenges and projects that are exciting from a technological perspective, which is why we constantly explore a host of cutting-edge technologies. It’s a way for us to keep learning and outdoing ourselves while getting out of our comfort zone. It’s also how we create fertile ground to cultivate new ideas—the very foundation of creativity!

Vooban Vibe

Vooban Vibe

Vooban Vibe

Vooban Vibe


Des bons programmeurs, ont souvent des petits travers et ont besoin de s’exprimer. Et ça, on peut vraiment le faire ici, comme ça nous tente!


Développeur Fullstack


The chemistry we have is completely out of the ordinary, laughter is at the heart of all our interactions, and our team spirit allows us to take on great challenges. Each team member is carefully handpicked to keep the magic alive within the team and to maintain our high-quality standards.

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We can really be ourselves! I’ll never have to come here pretending to be someone I’m not.


Team Lead & Fullstack Developer


When I walk in here, I really feel like I’m hanging out with friends. It’s fun, and I get to laugh every day.


AI Scientist


To foster creativity, we have shared spaces that promote collaboration and very few rules and company policies so as to give maximum autonomy to our trusted team.

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We can really achieve work–life balance while performing and having fun.


Solution architect

Innovative, cool and stimulating

Social life is an important part of our identity and deeply embedded in our culture.

In person or remotely, we like to get together for all sorts of occasions. For instance, every week we make sure to have happy hour, lively breaks, lunchtime sports, etc. We’ve also mastered the art of organizing awesome activities—birthday parties, beer tastings, board game nights, sports events, etc.—not to mention our seasonal activities, such as the Carnaval, the sugar shack, the tailgate, the golf tournament, the X-man race, etc.

Finally, it would be a shame not to mention the great classics, including the Christmas party at the cottage, the summer party, and, last but not least, the brewing of our famous Vooban beer. All of this is a reflection of our culture, where strong relationships with people of different age groups and interests have been and are still growing.

Our values

Our values

Our values

At Vooban, we don’t back down from a challenge. In fact, complexity drives us!

We stop at nothing, because no mountain is too high, especially when you’re working with your crew. Here, there are no taboo subjects because we’re transparent and we speak frankly for the good of all. We listen to each other, we trust each other, and above all, we try to apply the Kim Scott’s “Radical Candor” concept. We always make sure that everyone is happy and thrives—our employees, our clients, and also our partners—because we believe that their success is also our own!

Our values

We’re bold and innovative

We have the bit between our teeth

We tell each other the real truth

We take care of our people