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mai 25, 2022

Vooban Launches a Solution to Automate Quality Control for Manufacturing Plants

by Vooban

Artificial intelligence

Vooban’s mission has always been to use the latest technologies, artificial intelligence among others, to make companies more efficient and competitive. Driven by the desire to expand our AI service offering, we created a vision system, an AI inference platform intended for quality control processes. This solution will allow manufacturing companies to reduce their manual workload for some recurring and redundant tasks, which will address labor shortages.

Using data from the various cameras and sensors on the factory floor, we train an AI vision model to detect a wide range of anomalies (defect detection, packaging inspection, part counting, and more). The platform provides us with the means to connect to the device data streams and quickly deploy a custom AI model at a lower cost.
To help us speed up the implementation of AI in companies throughout the province of Quebec, we have called upon two other visionary Quebec-based companies: Vention and Vanguard Robotics.
On one hand, Vention has developed a cloud-based platform that allows manufacturers to design, automate, control and deploy robotic systems directly from a web browser. On the other hand, Vanguard Robotics offers turnkey system integration solutions focused on collaborative robotics. Like Vooban, these two partners already have great expertise in the manufacturing sector.
“Vanguard’s mission aligns perfectly with what we aim to achieve with this partnership. For us, it’s important to offer solutions for Quebec SMEs and to make automation a key tool for local businesses. We believe that this collaboration will help break down the hesitation of local SMEs to adopt automation,” says Olivier Laboissonnière, chief business development officer at Vanguard Robotics.
“The collaboration of our three companies will ease and accelerate the implementation and use of artificial intelligence, making it highly accessible to Quebec’s manufacturing SMEs,” says Hugues Foltz, executive vice president at Vooban. Although similar solutions exist on the market, they are generally very expensive or require complex installation processes that are not appealing to businesses. Our mission is to offer an innovative and accessible product to promote the use of new technologies in the manufacturing industry.
Hence, Vooban will develop the custom AI models and offer the platform, Vention will provide the infrastructure to host the cameras and sensors, and Vanguard will come in to handle the integration of the solution. Needless to say, such a comprehensive package, combining robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence, is a significant asset for SMEs.
Not only will this collaboration help promote Quebec’s expertise in the field of artificial intelligence but it will also allow Vooban to acquire a larger market share in the years to come, especially in Ontario and the United States.