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Restos Plaisirs

Founded in 1987, Restos Plaisirs operates twelve restaurants, three stores, and one catering service under ten different brands. Le Cochon Dingue is the most popular of them, with 5 locations spread across Quebec City. Restos Plaisirs also means one thousand dedicated employees and a strong brand recognized for its customer-focused culture.

Restos Plaisirs pays special attention to the training of its staff, the decor of its restaurants and its recipes, but also to the digital shift it has undertaken in the last few years, which is centred on user experience (UX). The company has several websites for its different restaurants as well as a mobile app designed to build customer loyalty and earn points and rewards.


Restos Plaisirs’ app allows customers to make reservations and have access to exclusive promotions, but also to scan their bills in order to accumulate points, which can then be exchanged for cash on their next visit.
Deployed for some time now, the app needed a complete overhaul to fix some shortcomings, make it more efficient at scanning bills, and boost its overall score on the App Store and Google Play.
The main problem stemmed from the solidity of the bases in place, which did not allow the evolution of the app. It was therefore necessary to rework the technological infrastructure to ensure the quality of the loyalty program for customers and employees alike.


In addition to a complete overhaul, this version of the application now uses optical character recognition (OCR), which converts an image into a machine-readable format. With a simple photo of the bill, the app can read the details with great precision. Collecting points is therefore easier, with fewer errors in the long run, which reduces the workload for Restos Plaisirs’ employees and improves the customer experience.
The customer service team also benefits from a dashboard to view reports and data collected from scans and loyalty program participants, making it easier to follow point transactions and offer support to users.


Furthermore, the app is linked to Salesforce, a solution that allows Restos Plaisirs to automate marketing communications and offer customers exclusive promotions or invite them to events. The app’s data, combined with Salesforce, helps manage targeted marketing with a personalized customer experience.
Of course, the loyalty of employees at Restos Plaisirs is paramount. The mobile application is integrated with the human resources management system to offer exclusive privileges to employees based on their seniority and their role in the company. They can discover the other Restos Plaisirs brands at a lower cost, by simply showing their application.


The new app was launched in December 2021 and is proving to be a great success. Already, its score has increased on the App Store and Google Play, and customers report a much smoother and enjoyable experience. Several thousand different people have used it and this number is constantly increasing. Since then, millions of points have been distributed and hundreds of bills are scanned every day.
Restos Plaisirs has always been an employer of choice in Quebec City. With the current labour shortage, its employee loyalty program has allowed it to stand out from the competition.