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Oct 20, 2021

10 years already!

by Kevin Moore President


It’s crazy how time flies. When I think back on all we’ve accomplished, I can hardly believe it. It seems like only yesterday, we were two guys with a bunch of ideas and the desire to create complex projects with people we loved, all the while having fun. We wanted to leave our mark, but above all we wanted to launch an innovative company and take on exciting projects. A pitch deck at the convention centre was all it took to convince a couple of our friends to join this great adventure.

We were young and a little naIve, and nobody believed it would gain so much momentum. For us business neophytes, a startup of ten people was already a huge deal! Who would have thought that today we’d be more than 70 employees, all of them bursting with talent and ambition. Thanks to them, we’ve carried out incredible projects which have won us numerous innovation prizes.

We’ve come a long way in 10 years! God knows it wasn’t always easy. We hit the 10, 25 and 50 employee milestones, we made mistakes, we learned, we grew, and we became a better version of ourselves each and every time. It took blood, sweat and tears to make it work and in the end, that’s what allowed us to thrive. I certainly can’t name all our bad and good shots, but I still want to highlight a few defining moments that have shaped Vooban into the innovative and exceptional company that it is today.

  • 2011: Vooban’s creation and the hiring of our first employees.
  • 2014: The opening of our development centre and the installation of our first office.
  • 2017: The formation of our artificial intelligence team, a turning point for Vooban. We got into it before it became “trendy”, and it opened the door to a world of possibilities.
  • 2017: We stopped doing consultations to focus entirely on the realization of tailor-made and turnkey projects.
  • 2018: The signing of our biggest contract to this day, which propelled us in the industry.
  • 2020: Complete rebrand of our image with new colours and logo.
  • 2020: The acquisition of Haxio, a first for us, but certainly not the last. This was followed by the opening of our Montreal office.  

The list goes on, and it’s only the beginning. Above all, I am proud of the Vooban Vibe and the office culture we’ve created.  The idea of a tightly knit family, of an exciting company where innovation overflows, that’s exactly what we had in mind when we started this project. We take care of our own, and we stick together through good and bad.

I am also very proud of the impact we’ve had on several Quebec companies. It always warms my heart to see them succeed and grow with the tools we have provided them.

Thank you for everything!

Of course, Vooban wouldn't be the same without the unwavering help and support of my 5 originals, who are still by our side and who have followed me from the very beginning. You are warriors, and I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts.

  • #1 David St-Jacques, who was the first to jump on the bandwagon and support me in this project.
  • #2 Steve Bélanger, who made many sacrifices and agreed not to get paid for three months just so he could get started with us faster.
  • #3 Mathieu Larouche-Dubé, who always pushed us forward and encouraged us to never let go.
  • #4 Marc Landry, who was there in our first brainstorms, who is behind the idea of Vooban’s name and who has fought every battle with us.
  • #5 Jérôme Cauchon, the quiet strength of the office, on whom we can always count.

Here we are, together always, celebrating our 10th anniversary. The other photo was taken at our very first Christmas party in 2011!

What's next for us?

What awaits us next? Plenty of large-scale projects and even more innovation! Our foundations are strong, now it’s time to take the world by storm. We already have a foothold in Montreal and an employee in Toronto. We aim to continue this growth in Ontario in the years to come. Eventually, we would like to cross borders and reach the United States.

There’s no shortage of ideas, that’s for sure! We have a lot on our plate, and we’re readier than ever to accomplish even more stimulating and grandiose projects. The future is bright.

Last but not least...

To my passionate team, my exceptional clients and all those who have supported me in this incredible adventure, I say thank you for 10 wonderful years of challenges, success, and innovation.

To Caroline, Rémi and Annie, thank you for following us in our craziest projects and for putting all your heart into them.

To my current partner, Hugues, thank you for being as wild as I am and for constantly challenging us to become even better. To Martin, my cofounder, even though we parted ways in 2019, thank you for embarking on this journey 10 years ago.

Here’s to many more years in your company!

Kevin Moore