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Mar 28, 2024

How Does Vooban Encourage Its Teams to Get Moving?


Vooban's mission is to provide its customers with high-impact solutions using artificial intelligence, data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). With nearly 200 employees scattered between Quebec City and Montreal, Vooban puts innovation and boldness at the heart of every project it takes on. Its initiative to encourage employees to be more physically active is no exception!

While Vooban had already implemented various measures to encourage its employees to stay active, the company recently decided to expand its efforts even further. Find out how this fast-growing company has effectively motivated its team members to engage in physical activities that are as diverse as they are well thought out!

Moving, yes, but with at least a little bit of fun

The most important thing for Vooban is that every employee has the opportunity to take part in a sporting activity that they enjoy. That's why they provide each employee with $500 a year.

"Whether it's a weekend ski trip or a gym membership, we want people to use this money to do what they love. As being physically active promotes productivity and well-being at work, Vooban has decided to commit to it fully," explains Lisa Tremblay, Vooban's HR Marketing Coordinator.

Because, yes, paying your employees' sports bills pays off! In addition to this amount, employees benefit from corporate discounts at certain sports facilities.

"During the summer, we plan three yoga sessions each week. A private coach also offers energizing workouts to our teams every Thursday at lunchtime. People sometimes choose to come into the office rather than work from home to attend these sessions with their colleagues. We get moving as a group, we bond, and it's really fun!


Physical activity as part of the social club

On average, once a month, the social club organizes an event that is bound to get the troops moving. The members of this dynamic committee have plenty of ideas for reaching out to as many people as possible.

"There's something for everyone, whether you think of the mountain bike excursion, the ever-popular annual golf tournament or the introduction to boxing class... we even took part in a spin and sing, a spinning class performed while singing. It was a one-of-a-kind experience for us! 

Although many activities are organized for fun, some require participants to push themselves further.

"Every year, we participate in the Défi Entreprises, get sweaters made, and have our own tent. For the first time this spring, a team will be hitting the road as part of the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie. We challenge ourselves, train months in advance, and it's very motivating." 

Physical activity in the workplace: positive outcomes

According to Lisa Tremblay, listening to people on a daily basis is the key to offering activities adapted to their tastes and needs:

"We gauge employee interest and remain attentive to their feedback, resulting in an excellent participation rate. This fosters team spirit and a sense of belonging." 

She points out that physical activity in the workplace allows colleagues to recharge their batteries. Being able to integrate their workout into their workday is also a significant advantage for work-life balance.

"We have a flexible-hours policy, so if someone wants to take more time out of their lunch hour to get moving, that's perfectly possible."

Physical activity at the heart of Vooban's values

"Having the knife between your teeth" is one of Vooban's four core values. That's why the company didn't hesitate to sponsor Audrey Tremblay, an employee who challenged herself to climb Mount Alpamayo in Peru.

"We encourage each other, it's in line with our values, and it motivates people; we see it as nothing but positive."